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                          LANDSCAPE SERVICES
First impressions are always the most important. That's why GroundsPro is committed to providing you with quality and attention to detail. With over 25 years experience and a highly trained staff, we have what it takes to deliver your perfect environment.
Landscape Maintenance
We understand the unique needs of property managers and the importance of maintaining beautiful and safe landscapes for your clients. GroundsPro professionals work closely with you to create your perfect environment & landscape that is clean, beautiful and functional that truly represents the highest standards of your management company.
Turf Care
Maintaining lawns and open green spaces with regular mowing, edging and weeding creates a clean and uniform look for your property. From residential yards to large communities, GroundsPro professionals can get the job done right. GroundsPro provides a complete turf care program that encourages healthy and vigorous growth. Seeding, fertilization, thatching and core aeration are performed as needed.
Tree, Shrub and Flower Care
Pruning trees and shrubs not only improves the health and aesthetic appeal of your landscape, but provides a safe environment as well. Weeds, insects and other undesirables are controlled as needed with careful applications of proven and safe herbicides and insecticides. We use Certified Pesticide Applicators that are highly qualified and educated in the latest and safest pest control delivery.
Bed Care
High quality mulch with consistent strong color provides a clean backdrop to woody shrubs, perennials and annual plantings. Proper weeding and edging sharpens bed definitions to create beautiful area displays. The overall neatness of your bed areas contributes tremendously to your first impression of your property.
Landscpe Installations
GroundsPro will work closely with you to create your perfect environment. Whether your property needs a single replacement shrub or a full-scale makeover, GroundsPro has the vision, the expertise and the quality materials you require.
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